About Us

At Enrich & Enliven we supply exceptionally good value products for a healthy lifestyle.

In the very early days, it was merely a way to provide friends and family with quality vitamin supplements at an achievable price. Over time I combined my education in the medical sciences with my natural health industry resources, to deliver health & lifestyle advice and products to a group of like-minded individuals and families.

When choosing products for our range we are conscious of the health and wellbeing of not only the consumer - but also of the people, plants, animals, and ecosystems involved in producing those products.

Optimal health is our goal so nutritious foods, allergen-free foods, certified organic, and chemical-free foods are the keystone of the product range. Personal care, household cleaning, and other lifestyle products that meet these criteria have become a major part of the range now too.

Ethical and sustainable practices contribute to the value of our ranges, and we aim to educate about the importance of these issues. Stay tuned for our information pages and directory of services that are in line with our ethos.

We are based in the Brisbane inner south suburb of Greenslopes, Queensland Australia and are always happy for a chat over a herbal tea! See our other important information on delivery and shopping with us. You will need to register an account and log in before you can take advantage of our great prices.